When their recently canned East Perth Lager arrived, gone was the graff-inspired artwork and in its place arrived a clean aesthetic that echoed the brewery venue itself, while also featuring the long mothballed East Perth power station. Clearly, change was afoot at Bright Tank.

Now comes this IIPA, wrapped in the new skin and featuring the nearby Matagarup Bridge, its shape reflecting the black swans that glide below, and the Wagyl, the Noogar Aboriginal serpent which created the Swan River. This new direction “feels” Bright Tank and proudly calls out their postcode.

All lovely, but a brewery’s primary purpose is brewing beer, so what about the contents? In the can lurks a big IIPA which smacks of old school resin, marmalade, grapefruit and bitterness yet with new school poise – not dissimilar to Balter’s Dimples, but larger. The semi-viscous mouthfeel moves dry and bitter leaving this an IIPA of which one could, cautiously, consider multiple cans.

Post credit – Guy Southern – The Crafty Pint