Bright Tank’s latest collab is with no other than Perth’s own Drapht, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of his debut album, Pale Rider.

Synonymous with West Aussie hip hop, local legend Drapht is getting ready to drop the greatest collab East Perth has ever seen, teaming up with Bright Tank for this limited-release brew.

Drapht first came across Bright Tank when he attended a local artist’s release party and instantly hit it off with brewers Matty and Justin. It just so happened that some of Bright Tank’s early artwork was inspired by Drapht’s very own Pale Rider album cover!

The three got chatting, and after discovering multiple similarities in backgrounds and interests, it became clear that a collab was in order… 

Paying homage to the unmistakable beat of the 90’s, Pale Rider celebrates hip hop, street art and classics, in both style and spirit. Drapht’s go-to has always been crisp and clean, and we wanted to create something to be enjoyed with mates and music. We decided that a traditional German pale lager was the perfect fit.



One of the world’s most-enjoyed styles of beer, pale lagers have stood the test of time due to their uncomplicated yet polished nature.

Pouring pale gold, with well-attenuated body and subtle hop bitterness, Pale Rider is clean, crisp and crushable.